Prevent Further Damage with Prompt Water Leak Detection

Finding the location and source of a leak is a very complex process that requires several steps and the implementation of a leak detection device. Our highly qualified team of plumbers is ready for your call 24hrs a day making certain that the source of the leak is precisely found and promptly repaired or replaced. Leaks can cause severe damage to your property and need to be treated promptly and cautiously. Here are some of the reasons leaks can occur:

  • The pipe is damaged or worn due to age
  • Cracks due to stress on the pipe
  • Unusual stress on the pipe
  • Corrosion that can cause cracks

If you suspect you have a water leak but do not see any visible signs, one of the ways you can determine this is by collecting a reading from your meter, DO NOT use water in your home after the first reading for about 1-2 hours. After the alloted time, collect a second reading from the meter. If there is a difference in the reading than this could be an indicator that you indeed have a leak somewhere in your home pipe system. For a quick and reliable solution, call ER Block Plumbing and a leak detection specialist will come out to inspect, repair and or replace the faulty pipe on your property. Always call the professionals first to diagnose and give you a knowledgeable solution. We don’t recommend you try to fix any leak no matter how small yourself unless you are a trained and certified plumber. If you’re not, refrain from calling reliable uncle Bob to fix the problem. Many times our skilled plumbers are called out to jobs that have been improperly done. Making a quick fix a much larger issue sometimes results in damage to your property that could have been otherwise avoided.

How our Leak detection devices work

A leak detection device is designed to allow the technician to listen to the pipe and find the specific location of the leak. Your ER Block Plumbing technician will first shut off the water flow, followed by filling the water line with Co2. Once this is done, the technician will place a highly sensitive detection device on the floor to listen for a whistling or hissing sound coming from the pipes which indicate the release of Co2. Therefore, pinpointing the exact location of the leak. This gives our technicians a headstart to a precise and effective repair and or replacement, taking the guesswork out and giving you, our loyal customer a clear solution to your plumbing issue.

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