Loose or leaking plumbing components can create major damage to your residence, as well as waste hundreds of gallons of water annually. While age can contribute to the deterioration of plumbing components, other causes might be present. We will evaluate your home’s pipes to deal with the source as well as give you the highest quality substitute, solution, and repair service.

Kitchen & Washroom Faucets

We additionally advise that all homeowners conduct an examination of the water pressure in their home, if it’s expensive, a water pressure minimizing valve can assist you, and decrease the possibility of leaking components in the future.

A leaking faucet can potentially waste more than 2,000 gallons of water per year. Residences that have too much water pressure and/or heavily polluted water may also experience even more issues. We have a variety of options that can assist you, including repairing damaged faucets or changing them with high quality replacements. We can likewise install a house water filtration system that can help to prolong the life of your homes pipes.

Shower Heads

We can help you with your plumbing repairs without compromising water pressure. Upgrading your showerheads to a high efficiency water saving unit can save you hundreds at the end of the year. Well known established brands are making quality units with a variety of features, including rain like functions as well as even aromatherapy. Updating your shower head can quickly transform your early morning routine shower into a spa like experience while putting money back in your pocket with the savings.
Hard/mineral rich water is just one of the leading causes of failing showerheads. It can also result in leaking pipelines behind the wall surface and if left unattended can lead to water damage.


We can replace flappers and flush shutoffs quickly to restore your plumbing to a functioning state. If the leak is located at the base, to the base, Our skilled Plumbers at ER Block Plumbing can identify if it is a primary drain line problem, or if the flange needs to be replaced.

Bathrooms can leak within the tank from a worn flapper or flush valve, from the toilet into the tank, and also at the base. While running bathrooms are easy to identify by the sound, slow-moving leaks from the toilet container right into the bowl can cost equally as much water and also go on for months before being noticeable.

Small hairline cracks can also occur from tightening bolts too much or wear and tear and can not be fixed. A bathroom can also lose power when flushing due to calcium deposits inside of the toilet drain. Often, a chemical treatment can bring back flow, however frequently a new toilet will certainly solve the issue completely and affordably. Our staff can install a brand-new toilet to fit your budget and match the style of your washroom.

Waste Disposals

Some common disposal issues may include:

  • humming noise i heard when unit is powered on
  • Blades do not turn
  • Drip or obstruction
  • It drains slowly

The electric motor can be the reason behind the humming sound and lack of productivity. If it is humming, yet the blades will not rotate, then maybe there is an obstruction inside of the disposal or the unit needs to be reset. Disposal leaks commonly indicate a seal is broken someplace in the disposal unit. In these instances a replacement is also called for and necessary.

We offer 24/7 emergency diagnostic solutions and we are devoted to solving your issues with the best materials and craftsmanship.

For the expert plumbers in the fixture repair and replacement industry, Call ER Block Plumbing today and have a specialist put your worries at ease with safe, affordable and reliable service.

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