Bathroom Remodeling


Bring Back the Excitement to Bathroom Remodeling

Are you considering a bathroom remodel? Are you having trouble deciding on where and when to start? Cut the confusion, and regain your peace of mind with ER Block Plumbing’s reliable and affordable bathroom remodeling services in all of the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. When you choose ER Block Plumbing to tackle your remodeling project, you can rest assured that we will guide you through every step of the way while keeping you in the driver’s seat of your project. Ensuring that you remain informed and empowered to make confident decisions on the direction and outcome of your personalized bathroom remodeling project. Our goal at ER Block Plumbing is to wow you with your beautifully custom bathroom remodel, making sure that it becomes your personal sanctuary without suffering buyer’s remorse.

Ready to move forward with your bathroom remodel? Call ER Block Plumbing today to speak with one of our remodeling experts. 

Signs that Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel:

  • Outdated bathroom design
  • Non-functioning shower/tub handles
  • Stained tubs/sinks
  • Non-efficient toilet
  • Broken/cracked tiles

If you are in the Inland Empire, Call ER Block Plumbing today for an estimate on your bathroom remodel and you have already taken the first step towards your newly customized bathroom haven. At ER Block Plumbing we guarantee to provide you with an honest and precise estimate, so you have the assurance that there are no hidden fees or upsells. We will also guide you through choosing the right options to fit your budget. Whether it is updating the vanity, toilet or shower, we are dedicated to helping you make the most affordable decision on materials and design and promise to never hide our labor costs, keeping your remodeling budget designated to building the bathroom who have always dreamed of. 

DO’s and DON’TS about bathroom remodeling: 


  • Ignore the pipes behind your walls; if needed, they should be replaced
  • Go with a handyman that is not licensed or insured
  • Go cheap on the faucets and parts; choosing quality parts will ensure longer life of your project


  • Get at least 3 estimates to compare prices
  • Get a licensed insured plumber
  • Consider ADA accessibility if needed

At ER Block Plumbing, we understand that beginning a bathroom remodel can be a stressful and daunting event. That is why when you choose ER Block Plumbing in the Inland Empire for bathroom remodeling services, you can be sure that we will walk you through the hallway of options keeping your time, budget, needs and requests at the forefront of the project, making your experience enjoyable and stress free. 

If you are looking for an honest and timely bathroom remodeling expert in the Inland Empire, wait no longer and call ER Block Plumbing today to get in touch with one of our certified, trained, knowledgeable and friendly specialists. Our staff is eagerly waiting to speak with you about your exciting custom bathroom remodel project. ER Block Plumbing is your first step to the bathroom of your dreams.

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