Backflow Preventer Repair


Protect Your Water Supply from Unwanted Contaminants

ER Block Plumbing in the Inland Empire will ensure your water supply stays clear of harmful bacteria by installing and repairing your Backflow preventer. No one wants potentially contaminated water to meddle with the water supply that feeds into your home or business. Prevent this unpleasant situation from occurring with regular maintenance and repairs on your Backflow Preventer with ER Block Plumbing’s certified BackFlow Preventer Technicians. At ER Block Plumbing, we promise to treat your backflow issue and maintenance with the utmost care to keep your potable water safe from possible contamination.

Call ER Block Plumbing today for Backflow Preventer Installation and Maintenance in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas.

Backflow Facts:

  • ER Block Plumbing’s technicians are certified in Inland Empire and surrounding areas.
  • We recommend only the best and most reliable brands (however, we repair and work on all brands)
  • We will give you options to repair or replace your backflow preventer
  • Backflow Preventers must have yearly maintenance to be compliant with water agencies
  • Backflow repairs and installations come with a warranty

Signs Your Backflow Preventer Needs Maintenance, Repair or Replacement

  • A drip at the base of the backflow
  • Inconsistent water pressure
  • Banging sounds coming from your pipes

Affordable Backflow Repairs in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas

With ER Block Plumbing’s certified and highly capable backflow technicians, you can rest assured that your backflow repair will run as smoothly as the water in your water lines without costing you another mortgage. ER Block Plumbing technicians are honest and always on your side when it comes to saving you money on any and all repairs, while displaying unmatched work ethic and reliability.

Benefits of Backflow Preventers

Ever wonder how your potable water stays free of mixing with the wrong stream? A backflow preventer is the designated driver in this story, ensuring that your potable water comes to your home free and clear of contaminants. When a Backflow Preventer is properly installed and maintained by ER Block Plumbing’s certified technicians, your home will receive only clean potable water that is safe for your baths, gardens and pools. Without this important unit, the dirty water from other city water lines could mix with the potable water designated to your home, which could possibly contaminate the water supply causing your loved ones and lush landscapes to come into contact with potentially harmful bacteria. This hazardous situation happens when the pressure from city water lines fluctuates, causing the flow of water to reverse and siphon backwards. This is when the Backflow Preventer jumps into action and plays a vital role in the quality of your water. When the water pressure causes the water to siphon backwards, the Backflow Preventer closes, causing the water flow to stop and, therefore, preserving the quality of the water in your pipes until the water resumes its normal flow direction. Ensure the safety of the water running to your home and call ER Block Plumbing Backflow technicians in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas today to inspect your Backflow Preventer.

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