Quality Heater Repairs and Tune Ups in the Inland Empire, CA

Keep your home warm this winter with regular heater tune-ups and repairs near you in the Inland Empire, CA. Heaters are an essential part of your home and contribute to the quality of life for you and your family. Having an efficiently working heater can make all the difference this winter season, so call ER Block Plumbing to ensure that you will have a warm and cozy house to welcome you this winter. With their satisfaction guarantee, expertly trained and certified plumbing technicians, you can be at peace knowing that they will follow all the safety guidelines. ER Block Plumbing sends all their plumbers with knowledge on how to use state of the art technology to aid in analyzing each component, confirming that everything is functioning properly.

Some of the important units that our expert technicians perform service on are:

  • Gas Valves
  • Fan Motors
  • Burner Assemblies
  • Pilots

Each and every one of these components is necessary to the efficacy and functionality of your heater, and will make all the difference on how you spend your winter this year and the many more to come. When you have ER Block Plumbing provide service on your heater, you will be left with the peace of mind that your it was repaired, maintained and or installed by the most experienced in the business. ER Block Plumbing has been servicing heaters in the Inland Empire, CA and surrounding areas since 1943. That’s more than 70+ years of proud service to the Inland Empire residents.

Honest Heater Installation

Whether your heater is no longer functioning and needs replacement or you are wanting to upgrade your home’s heating system for energy saving purposes, ER Block Plumbing has you covered and will make it their goal to get your home heating system precisely and safely installed.

Some Types of Heaters that we install are:

  • Split units; that are typically used for residences
  • Package units; that are used for commercial buildings or residences with flat roofs
  • Heat Pumps; specifically for locations without gas that rely on electrical systems only
  • Ductless systems; for residences and businesses with limited space that don’t count with attic space

No matter the type of heater that suits your needs ER Block Plumbing’s knowledgeable heating repair and installation technicians are ready to serve you up all the options so you make a well informed decision and are ultimately satisfied with your service.

Reliable Heater Maintenance in the Inland Empire, CA

The way to avoid overspending on a costly heater replacement is by consistently scheduling routine maintenance with one of ER Block Plumbing’s skilled technicians. The plumbers at ER Block Plumbing are backed by required certifications, allowing them to properly test and inspect all the important components of your heater system. Always keeping safety as their priority, ER Block Plumbers work diligently to maintain a safe work environment while returning the space back to you clean and free of dangers. If you need to have your heater inspected, call ER Block Plumbing today for affordable, fast and honest heater repair and installation in the Inland Empire, CA

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