Do You Suspect You Could Have a Gas Leak?

Smelling gas on or near your property? If you suspect that you may have a gas leak, evacuating the area immediately is priority, then call ER Block Plumbing for safe and reliable gas line leak detection, repair and/or replacement. No matter the issue, you can be at peace knowing that you have the most experienced plumbers on the job working diligently to get your home or office back up to safety code. ER Block has more than 70+ years of experience giving you peace of mind when you have one of their skilled plumbing technicians show up to assist you with your plumbing needs.

Honest Gas Line Repair in the Inland Empire, CA

Sometimes a gas line problem will show up in the form of a high gas bill and possibly a foul smell. These are key indicators that your gas line could be compromised. Damaged gas lines often occur when pipes become corroded due to time and being buried under ground which exposes the pipes to natural minerals in the earth that wear down the pipe and can cause leaks. Another possibility is that one of the joints connecting the pipes was not properly installed or has also deteriorated due to age and normal wear. You don’t have to guess where or why you are having a gas line issue with ER Block Plumbing. When you call ER Block Plumbing in the Inland Empire, CA to investigate a possible gas line leak, we show up with state of the art gas leak detection technology to make sure we get to the source of the problem quickly and safely. All of our technicians are certified, skilled and highly experienced in using gas leak detectors and can confidently say that they will find the gas leak and repair or replace the gas line promptly and cautiously.

New Gas Line Installation in the Inland Empire, CA

At ER Block Plumbing, an experienced and certified technician will be assigned to your gas line replacement with safety as the primary goal. ER Block Plumbing promises to follow strict safety regulations along with precise and timely workmanship. When you call ER Block Plumbing you can count on having expertly certified technicians ready to work on fixing your gas line.

How to Prevent a Gas Leak

As you can see, gas lines are complex to treat and can be dangerous if a problem is suspected and left unattended. By promptly troubleshooting a probable issue with a gas line, you are taking a proactive approach to preserving the security of your home and those who reside within it. That is why we recommend you give ER Block Plumbing a call if you are suspicious of a plumbing or gas line problem. ER Block Plumbing has your back and is committed to aiding you with any and all your plumbing needs. Are you unsure? No need to worry! Our expert plumbers will gladly do an affordable and timely inspection, making sure you are properly informed so that you make the best decision for your home and family. Contact ER Block Plumbing today where a solution is just a phone call away!

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