Keep Your Water Free From Pollutants

Are you tired of mineral build up on your dishes, showerheads and faucets? Are you looking to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint by limiting the purchase of plastic water bottles? Then a water filtration system may be for you. At ER Block Plumbing we install only the best and most reliable water filtration systems such as: ??

With more than 70+ years of experience in the plumbing industry we are committed to keeping current with water filtration technology and practices. Depending on the County you live in, your quality of life could be significantly affected by the quality of the water entering your home.
Water is such an essential part of everyday living that having clean water void of contaminants and and harmful chemicals is important for the wellbeing of you and your family. In a perfect world everyone would have pure and perfect filtered water flowing from their plumbing fixtures, ensuring your baths, laundry and faucet water is safe.
Many believe that by simply NOT drinking your tap water you are protected from the harmful chemicals that could be lurking in your water supply, however, this is not the case. Health and Longevity 1994 stated,

The skin, the body’s largest organ, can easily absorb contaminants found in water which pass through it into the bloodstream. The experts are just beginning to understand the potential health hazards from skin absorption of water contaminants.

This interesting article alerts all home owners who do not currently use a water filtration system to seriously consider installing one for the wellbeing of their families. Water is used in so many different areas of our daily lives, when you install one of our highly recommended Water Filtration systems, you and your whole family will immediately begin to receive the benefits of having pollutant free water pouring from your faucets and showers. Not only will your health benefit from a newly installed water filtration system, your financial investment in your home will also increase substantially, adding one more reason as to why calling ER Block Plumbing to professionally install your new water filtration system is a smart and easy choice.

Undecided? Here are a few important reasons to install a water filtration system today!

  • Better quality water for your entire house
  • Reduce the need to spend on buying bottled water
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Eliminate calcium and other mineral build up
  • Peace of mind that only pure filtered water is flowing through the plumbing fixtures in your home

Ready to move forward with your new state of the art water filtration system?

Call ER Block Plumbing today, where we use only the best brands available and our plumbers are certified and extensively trained to ensure that your water filtration system installation is completed safely and promptly.

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